Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello everyone!
So having spent a lot of time thinking (and procrastinating) I have decided its time to get healthy and in shape.  Your probably thinking psh...another one of these.  I wont lie.  It is.  But what this blog IS NOT is a person who is in decent shape toning up or anything.  This blog is for those of us that have issues hitting the gym, drinking water, all that healthy mumbo jumbo.  My goal for this blog is to keep myself motivated to work out and eat...better.  Lets face it in today's world all the bad stuff tastes SOO good.  My other goals would be to have people that also have issues come here and help motivate each other!  Because honestly...having someone help motivate you is the difference maker, well it was for me.  On here i will put what workouts im doing.  my daily food etc.